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We integrate People, Business Process and the latest technologies to align with your business plans and improve your production, quality, asset availability, energy and water specific consumption minimization, environmental, and safety reporting.

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Now more than ever, the remote work strategy with support in the construction of new forms of value creation in operational management is vital. It is also imperative to implement predictive models to avoid energy and water loss, as well as prevent environmental contamination in the process of production. Working remotely with a coach helps develop operational analysis in real-time, anticipating issues such as approaching restrictions or leaving the optimal production bands contained in the history of effective production.

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A Disruption on How to Address the Sustainability Imperative

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Things You Will Take Away:

  • Learn how a real-time data infrastructure enables the transformation of raw sensor data into contextualized information for operational insights and business process improvement.
  • Understand how reusing the same operational data for multiple use cases significantly impacts fleet management, profitability, and asset stewardship.
  • See how a simple digital unit template representing production flows can be used repeatedly to identify critical inefficiencies in plant operations.
  • Discover best practices of deploying real-time situational awareness alerts and predictive analytics.
  • Realize how to transform your organization into a data-drive culture for continuous sustainable improvement.
  • Find out how leading companies integrate operations data with business intelligence and predictive analytics tools in a corporate on-premises or cloud-enabled environment.
  • Learn how industry-leading companies have imaginatively used a real-time data infrastructure to improve yields, reduce cycle times, and slash operating costs.

“Written in an engaging and accessible manner, this work focuses on organizational changes for operational excellence using the latest digital technologies for data infrastructure in the process industries. It discusses challenges involved, such as dealing with legacy systems and an outmoded culture and presents examples of how new software tools can be used to move to a more predictive way of managing a process plant and to better visualization, integrated planning, and execution for value-chain optimization.”

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