Our Digital Plant Template strategy enables the transformation of huge amounts of unusable data into InFORMation to generate additional opperating insights, Predictive Models. This one integrates with business Intelligence tools such as MS PowerBI, Seeq Advanced Analytics and AWS Quick sight.

How we do maximize your business?

Our team developped a complete process to help you to analyse your activity with result-driven tools to reach your production goals.

Industrial consulting process
Program Implementation

We implement a new solution that will create a unique Digital twin model of all areas that might contribute to the process plant goals.
This one will precisely describe your process unit's performance.
Data Classification

Once the unit template is applied to each of the plant unit areas, the respective attributes are configured with real-time data stream tags. This creates asset-based template calculations (PIAnalytics) to transform then the sensor data into more conclusive information.
Predictive Analysis

The production process turns smoother with the development of predictive models.
While supplying real-time, contextualized, high-fidelity data, we help you to create a visual analysis using SEEQ Workbench.
Your decision process gains in fluidity as the production of your operating plants turns more effective.
Operational Implementation

We train your managers and engineers on how to use on-time production tracking tools to create effective analyses. Your teams interact in a unique tool to accelerate your decision process.
Continuous support

You benefit from support to help your teams, master the tool and lead change strategy. The virtuous circle of analysis and real-time process adaptation allows you to sustainably increase the benefits of the solution on your global organization.  

Our Services

We implement the Digital Twin solution in your system and connect this one to your data source solution.
We integrate your team to assess the performance of your plant and analyze your plant activity based on the Digital Twin solution. We set with your team the optimum production levels and build a road map to achieve your goals.
We introduce the new solution to your managers and team and train them to use one-time production tracking to create effective analysis.
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