Dr. Osvaldo Bascur

Principal Digital Transformation – OSB Digital, LLC

Dr. Osvaldo Bascur is currently a Principal Digital Transformation at OSB Digital, LLC in Houston, TX. Dr. Bascur created a Blueprint for integration of sensors data and operational management, quality, asset, and energy optimization over 25 years working with OSIsoft, LLC. Today, a Digital Plant Template transforms sensor data into Operational insights (Data + Operational Events) for Overall Process Effectiveness and Predictive Analytics. It identifies the Hidden Production Losses in an Industrial Plant enabling to maximize production by eliminating the unprofitable events. His current work includes consulting and coaching on Digital Transformation in the process industries. Currently, he is a consultant for Seeq (www.seeq.com). He received the most prestigious SME 2013 A. Gaudin Award.

He wrote the SME Mineral and Metallurgical Processing Handbook Process Control and Operational Intelligence Chapter, published by SME 2019, Smart Manufacturing Concepts and Methods chapter Measuring, Managing and Transforming data for Operational Insights, Elsevier and Latin American Perspectives: Exploration, Mining, and Processing, SME 1998. He has written more 75 technical papers with customers and collaborators.

He received his dual degrees in B.S. Chemical Engineering and B.S. Metallurgical Engineering from the University of Concepcion, Chile, and a Ph. D. in Metallurgical Engineering from the University of Utah, Salt Lake City. He was a Process Control Engineer working for Duval Corporation, Tucson, AZ (now Freeport McMoRan). He was transferred to Pennzoil Company in Houston, TX where he worked as a Staff Engineer working in the process-engineering department.

Dr. Bascur is a member of the SME, AIST, AIChE, IFAC MMM, and IMPC.