By Robert C. Dunne

Managing Editor

Research efforts in the past ten years have led to considerable advances in the concepts and methods of smart manufacturing. Smart Manufacturing: Concepts and Methods puts these advances in perspective, showing how the process industries can utilize these new techniques to their benefit. The book consolidates results developed by leading academic and industrial groups in the area, presenting systematic, comprehensive coverage of the various conceptual and methodical advances that have been made.

In this book, Dr. Bascur contributed with a chapter titled “Measuring, Managing and Transforming Data for Operational Insights”. He talks about the challenges that the process industries face and how the use of real-time operating data that is continuously collected from their production facilities can be an excellent way to address these issues. Moreover, he states that a data-driven strategy is needed to enable operations, maintenance, and business personnel to quickly and easily take corrective action when abnormal conditions occur.


  • Takes a process-systems engineering approach to design, monitoring, and control of smart manufacturing systems.
  • Brings together the key concepts and methods of smart manufacturing, including the advances made in the past 10 years
  • Includes coverage of computation for optimization and control, as well as advanced modelling methods