Your Process Analytics Partner

Flank Engineering Inc. is a Canadian company that specialise in processing data infrastructure development, consolidation, and integration. Flank combines mining and mineral processing subject matter expertise with advanced analytics to expose actionable insights. Flank’s services include processing data consolidation and integration, production reporting automation, process & business intelligence dashboarding, process analysis and simulation, and online digital twin implementation.

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Advanced Analytics for Process Manufacturing Data

Seeq Corporation develops software and services that accelerate industrial process analytics on industrial process data.

‍Industrial process data is the collection of time-series data, events, and signals, as well as related contextual data, generated by production and manufacturing organizations. Due to the high volume, velocity, and variety of these data streams, industrial process data typically requires extensive manipulation to enable insight and analytics.

Seeq’s sophisticated yet easy-to-use analysis tools are applicable for industrial markets like oil refineries, pharmaceuticals, and energy production.

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Creating Wealth from Complex Ores & Mine Waste

ORE2METAL is all about building partnership with mining companies in wealth creation from complex/marginal ores and also from waste generated in mining and smelting to enhance their profitability and sustainability. Ore2Metal and its partner’s expertise in innovative mining and processing technologies along with digital and sustainability is uniquely positioned to serve the industry in the value addition drive for their stakeholders.

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Stone Three

Preparing Your Workplace for the Future in Productivity, Health & Safety.

Stone Three is an industrial IoT company that leverages its extensive domain knowledge, data science and enterprise software expertise, and device capabilities to develop sustainable solutions for repeating problems in key global industries.

Our company is firmly rooted in signal processing, enterprise software engineering and deep domain expertise in the mining, healthcare, maritime and communication industries.

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